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Transitional Bathrooms

Interested in the clean lines of the modern style, but concerned about your bathroom seeming cold or uninviting? Transitional bathroom design can be the perfect mix. You don't have to go full-traditional, but you can add softer elements to your clean-cut look.

The images on this page can give you plenty of transitional bathroom ideas. Do you want a checkered floor, or a patterned backsplash above a white sink with dark cabinets? There are many ways to bring a softer feel or visual interest into a transitional bathroom style.

We have a variety of transitional bathroom flooring options, including patterns and colors that will help you get the look you want. Browse our flooring choices today!

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Transitional style is simply a mix of modern and a few softer elements. It can make a room clean and yet inviting, which is perfect for your bathroom.

Our images give you quite a few examples of what transitional bathroom design can bring to your home. You'll see stark black-and-white eased by patterned floors, soft shower curtains, or interesting backsplashes.

You'll still have the clean, clear lines and strong finishes that define a modern look. However, you can add visual interest and make the room inviting with these transitional bathroom ideas.

Once you've seen ideas to get you started, it's time to move on and choose your transitional bathroom flooring type and color. We have a lot of choices, so take your time! You'll find the perfect look for your home.