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Tiled Flooring for an Eclectic Bathroom

With so many bathroom tile floor designs to choose from, the hardest part won't be deciding which one blends in, but rather, which style stands out.

So go bold and fall in love with a design that mixes the best of everything.

From the larger overall bathroom theme, or in this case a lack of, to the smaller tile details, we've got all the looks, colors, finishes and textures you need to complete your diverse style.

Who knows, you may even surprise yourself with what comes next!

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Eclectic style is about catering to your personal tastes, regardless of what's trendy or traditional.

It's also about playing off opposites, which is where the real fun comes into play, especially with the versatility of tile.

For example, if your renovating a Victorian bathroom, consider adding some bold color to spice up the space. Or if your home is more modern, a touch of classic tiling can give it a nice minimalist heritage look.

But don't listen to us! Check out the My Design Finder tool yourself to get a hands on approach of what your bathroom could be – in all it's eclectic glory!