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Eclectic Bathrooms

We get you. You like everything - but not just one thing. You like some parts of the modern style, elements of traditional looks, and even a bit of beach house and country styles. You wonder if you can ever make a decision for your bathroom!

We have good news! You don't have to pick just one. With eclectic bathroom design, you can have a little bit of everything. Pick the elements you love from each style, and bring them into your home any way you like!

Eclectic design doesn't have to be messy. You don't want every part of every style. Instead, choose just one or two you like, and mix them artfully. Blue cabinetry with a white sink and industrial fixtures? Yes, please!

You can also find ways to mix brick and wood, or use a very modern tub along with a reclaimed wood vanity. Bringing together unique elements makes your bathroom not just an oasis, but a place of interest!

We have all the eclectic bathroom design ideas you need. Bring together walls, furniture, fixtures, decor, and flooring in a way that's uniquely you!

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Do you wonder if an eclectic bathroom is doomed to look like a mess? Don't wonder anymore!

Our images of eclectic bathroom design will help you visualize exactly how to bring different elements together in a beautiful way. Take a look at the eclectic bathroom design ideas and see what you want to bring into your own home!

Some folks enjoy using modern fixtures against gentle, homey wall colors. Others enjoy bringing in bold pops of color in unexpected ways, while using traditional cabinetry and fixtures.

Love a modern look in your shower, but a beachy vanity? It's all yours! Don't be afraid to bring together seemingly divergent looks in your bathroom design.

Once you've gotten some great ideas, it's time to pick out your floor. Use the My Design Finder to select exactly what eclectic bathroom flooring materials you want, and then go on to explore and choose the color.

You aren't trapped in a single style. Create your eclectic bathroom design today!