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Wood Flooring for a Classic & Traditional Bathroom

Want smooth, sleek wood-like flooring for your bath space that stands the test of time?

Then enjoy our wide range of classic and traditional wood options that will keep your bathroom looking beautiful for a lifetime and beyond.

Our wood flooring adds the perfect complement to any decor, and its hard, glossy style can bring a new beauty to any space - even the bathroom.

Easy-to-clean and never out of style, it's time to elevate the elegance of your bathroom with our quality wood-like flooring designs.

How to Find Your Flooring

From pure, light hues to rich, dark shades, – and everything in between – our exceptional selection of wood-like bathroom flooring has it all.

The beauty of our wood-like flooring has all the characteristics of natural wood, including mineral streaks, knots and variations in grain. All this makes your wood floor unique to your bathroom!

And if you know you want wood but can't decide on a color or style, our My Design Finder tool has you covered. See all your favorite colors and designs as they would look in real life.

Find the floor that will inspire your imagination and make your space everything you envisioned!