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Classic & Traditional Bathrooms

If you're looking for a bathroom oasis, a classic bathroom design can be perfect. With light woods like oak or walnut, along with soft lines and classic decor, you will have a bathroom that makes you feel great every morning.

Skip the brash colors or bold walls. Instead, choose a style that never gets out of date. With elegant colors and posh finishes, your traditional bathroom design will give you a spa that you will never want to leave.

Our images can give you a variety of classic bathroom ideas. Everything from the wall color to the fixtures, decor, and flooring will impact the look. Luxury is the name of the game, and nothing is more relaxing.


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A traditional bathroom design is timeless. You don't get the harsh lines of a modern look. Instead you look toward soft lines and mild colors of a spa, and bring that level of comfort and luxury into your own home.

We know you're interested in traditional bathroom ideas, so we have a lot of pictures of classic bathroom design for you to choose from. Get inspiration from the pictures above, and decide what elements you'd like to bring into your own home!

Soft wood colors in cabinets, beadboard walls, and classic sculptural elements can all bring in a beautiful classic look.

From there, you'll want to choose your flooring type and color. Move through My Design Finder to select the exact flooring that is perfect for your room!