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Carpeting for a Transitional Basement

Put the "class" in "classic"! These transitional carpet looks are the perfect blend of traditional bliss meets modern comfort.

Your basement is usually one of the last spaces of your home to remodel, but that' doesn't make it any less important. And if the rest of your home exudes that classic feel, but you just can't stop falling in love with some modern trends, then a transitional basement is something to consider.

Blend your love for new and old as you create the perfect cellar dweller!

Our wide range of contemporary and classic carpet looks can give you all the styles, textures, lengths and colors you need!

Let Us Help You Find Your Flooring

A finished basement makes a great retreat!

But you don't want just any ol' floor for your new rec room. Nor should you limit yourself to just one style.

That's where a touch of classic, a dash of modern and a handful of comfortable carpet styles can create the ultimate harmonious hideout.

Don't just settle for your typical basement. Go transitional and blend all the fashionable finishes and furnishings, both old and new, into one beautiful and welcoming space.

Check out My Design Finder to learn more about our transitional carpet offerings, so you can find the perfect mix that works for your newly finished activity space!