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Transitional Basements

If you love open space but also value the details of traditional design, a transitional basement design can be perfect for you. It's also great for those who have architectural elements they want to emphasize, but also want to display antiques or collectables.

Whatever the reason you love this style, our images have the inspiration you need. Why not combine warm, comfy traditional sofas with detailed rivets and design with an open plan and black and white contrast?

Or, you can use gorgeous built-in shelving to house your television and collectables, while a modern table and decorations grace the center of the room. The decor is up to you -- but we'll help you find the perfect flooring to complement the vision you have for your basement!

No matter how you choose to fuse traditional and modern, our Find My Flooring tool can help. Once you have your inspiration from our image, we'll help you choose the perfect flooring style to bring it together.

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Transitional basement design gives you all the flooring style options of both modern and traditional styles. It all depends on what you want to emphasize!

Should the flooring be the center of your design? If so, consider a black wood-look flooring style or even a repeating tile for a modern emphasis. Or, choose warm woods or carpet for a traditional vibe.

Is your flooring more of a background to your other style elements? If so, choose a neutral color and style of any flooring material. Then let your creativity fly in other areas!

My Design Finder can help you explore your options. Simply choose a flooring material to see the colors and designs available in the transitional style.

Not quite what you want? Choose another material, or explore the traditional or modern style in the room design tool.

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