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Rustic Farmhouse Basements

If you love the idea of bringing the countryside into your home, a rustic farmhouse basement design could be perfect. Described as "country without being kitschy," a rustic farmhouse style allows you to bring charm and character into your basement design.

Consider warm, cozy, and relaxing furniture with throw blankets and pillows. Balance old and new in the space - a distressed cabinet may be paired with a new, stylish coffee table. Bring in nature, but don't feel like you have to cover your basement in dried flowers and tractors.

Avoid delicate, fragile looks - furniture should be functional and strong. Don't worry about matching every piece - mixing and mismatching is part of the practical country vibe.

Once you have your rustic farmhouse basement ideas, it's time to turn your attention toward flooring. Our room design tool makes it simple to choose the material and design you are most interested in. Get started now!

Find Your Flooring

Choosing a rustic farmhouse style of flooring for your basement doesn't limit your choices by any means! While a black and white modern tile pattern might be out of place, you don't need to look only at wood-style flooring materials.

You can bring a lot of charm with carpeting or several other types of flooring. Remember that not all tile has to be white and that you can bring in some cozy colors to warm up your basement with a homey, rustic vibe.

Whatever material you feel would bring your rustic farmhouse basement design together, My Design Finder can help you select it.

Start with a flooring material and then look at the colors and designs available for the rustic farmhouse style. Want more ideas? Try another flooring material for even more options!

Your ideal basement flooring style is waiting - let's get started!