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Wood Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Basement

Wood flooring's versatility is not only in its ability to seamlessly match any style, but in its adaptability to transcend time itself.

Let your modern motif flow any way you see fit!

Set up a pool table for endless entertainment or roll out a giant area rug to bring a sense of movie-watching coziness to the space.

However you decide to dress your subterranean room, rest assured that we've got the flooring options and contemporary chic styles you want, including engineered wood flooring that has the same loveable, timeless look of hardwoods, with the added durability of a plywood sub-layer.

How to Find Your Flooring

With our catalog of contemporary wood flooring looks, your basement may just become your new living room!

Treat your subterranean retreat with timeless or trendy wood flooring looks that include a wide range of materials, looks, colors and textures. So whether you're entertaining guests or cuddling up for movie night, make sure you've got the right flooring for the occasion.

Check out My Design Finder to play around with real, in-situation flooring options so you can strike the right tone in your basement dwelling.