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Tiled Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Basement

When it comes to your basement – the harder, the better!

Tile may just be the most ideal flooring option for your contemporary cave based on its durability to withstand moisture and its wide variety of types, patterns, colors and finishes. Whether it's versatile vinyl or conventional ceramic, it will keep the moisture at bay while looking good doing so.

So if easy clean-up and a sleek finished look are key components to the basement of your dreams, look no further than our contemporary chic tile styles!

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They don't spell "versatile" without "tile" for a reason!

Tile flooring is ideal for your basement because it's not only durable and waterproof, but it's timeless and trendy, too. With clean lines and a hard but welcoming surface, tile is a great look for the modern pursuant.

For help finding a tile option that's right for your subfloor, try out My Design Finder. You can play around with different types, textures, colors and more!

With tile flooring in your basement, the only thing that's pouring when it's raining is a good time and no worry!