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Wood Flooring for an Eclectic Basement

The best benefit of wood style flooring – other than it just being beautiful – is that it transcends styles!

Old, new and future – wood is timeless and can fit in seamlessly with any basement decor scheme you throw at it. From rustic chic and seaside sleek to Victorian vintage and modern minimalist, wood is a constant factor in all the above styles.

You live your life with eclectic styles, so why should you're home – the place you live – be any different?

So don't feel pigeonholed into one design or look. You're better than that and versatile wood flooring for your basement is the perfect place to show your love for diverse decor.

How to Find Your Flooring

Feel like you've got a love for several styles but only one basement?

Well, no one said anything about following a one style rule, and with a wood floor look you're in the clear.

Use it as a beautiful focal point in your basement to create balance to the space or infuse it to an existing sub space to complement your current decor.

Whether you're upgrading your floor or remodeling your whole basement, our wood designs, colors, textures and affordable substitutes can give you that "knows no bounds" look you crave for your cave.

For help choosing the right style for your eclectic taste, check out My Design Finder now!