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Eclectic Basements

Do you enjoy elements of a variety of styles? Perhaps you love the barely-there blues and whites of a beach design, but get giddy when it comes to the luxury and elegance of a traditional style. Or you have a sleek, modern coffee table that you've cleverly paired with cute wicker accent furniture alongside comfy, cozy couches to sink into.

However you choose to blend a bevy different styles is completely up to you -- but you can put your own stamp on your basement space to make it work. Bring together a mix of colors, artwork, and furniture that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Eclectic design doesn't mean chaos. It simply means that you bring together two or more styles in a way that's unique to your vision. Have fun with it, and let your basement be exactly what you want!

Once you've gotten the eclectic basement ideas you need from our images on this page, move on to choosing the perfect flooring style. We can help - let's get started!

Find Your Flooring

When you enjoy an eclectic design, your flooring style options are endless. Whether you love carpet, wood-like floors, stone-like floors, or more, you can choose from any design or color.

The key is how you want your design to look. Is your flooring a highlight of your style, or more of a neutral backdrop? Do you want a neutral that allows you to change your mind from time to time, or are you fully committed to a bright color or bold pattern?

No matter where you are in your design choices, we have the flooring style you need. My Design Finder makes it easy. Simply choose a flooring material, and take a look at the various colors and patterns available.

Want more? Come back and look at another flooring material for additional options. The eclectic basement design of your dreams is waiting. Get started now!