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Wood Flooring for a Coastal Beach House Basement

Wood flooring is a timeless and welcoming sight for any room, but when it comes to your basement, it can instantly warm up a typically cool space.

So whether you're deciding on a distressed, driftwood look, a more polished and elegant style, or an affordable wood substitute that doesn't skip on the real style or durability you want – we've got them all – types, colors, grains, textures and more.

Get ready to transform your basement beach house from "how" to "wow" with these coastal chic wood flooring styles!

How to Find Your Flooring

Go with the grain when it comes to your beach house basement flooring! After all, wood and the beach decor go hand in hand, from sleek wood beams, to shiplap and more.

When it comes to your coastal chic decor, wood is surface that not only cleans easily and holds up durably, but it also wears gracefully – making the more use it gets, the better it looks.

So make the beach an exciting extension of your basement with these gorgeous wood styles.

For help finding that perfect beach house balance for your basement, check out My Design Finder!