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Coastal Beach House Basements

Wish you could spend all of your time at the beach? Many people do, but it remains only a dream. Not for you! You can bring a coastal beach house basement design into your home and find the relaxation you long for.

A coastal design style requires a lot of soft, beachy colors, so having great lighting is important. This is especially true for basements, which may be dark and lack a source of natural light. From there, look for ways to bring in the whites, light blues, and light greens that beaches are known for. Don't be afraid to shy away from bold, nautical navy blues or cheery lighthouse reds, either!

Of course, you don't have to decorate your basement with tons of shells and starfish. Simpler, more subtle elements can create the laid-back vibe and coastal feel. Striped fabrics and minimal designs help keep things tasteful.

After you have your coastal beach house basement ideas, you will wonder what flooring is best. Our interior design tool helps you decide. Explore flooring materials, colors, and patterns today!

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What does coastal flooring look like? There are a lot of options! A white stone-look flooring style can be perfect, and so can a lighter wood-look floor. Even a soft tan, off-white, or mauve carpet can evoke the sand of a beach house.

Your floor can be a great base for rugs and furniture that serve as eye-catching accents, or you can bring a chic, relaxed vibe using the floor as a primary element. Everything from white tile to a light white-and-blue pattern could be appropriate.

To help you narrow down the perfect flooring style for your home, use My Design Finder. Our interior design tool lets you choose from a variety of flooring materials, and then offers style-appropriate colors and patterns within that material.

Still looking? No worries. Just choose a different material for even more choices!

Your dream basement is waiting for you. Are you ready to feel the salt air and hear the tide? Get started on your coastal beach house basement design!