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Wood Flooring for a Classic & Traditional Basement

Why should your upstairs get all the fancy decor love?

Don't limit the traditional design you love to only your upstairs! Bring that same classic style to your basement with our expansive catalog of wood flooring.

Use a conventional wood flooring look to provide that stylish yet warm and inviting basement vibe. After all, wood floor instantly increases the welcome to your home, so share that same sleek salutation with your subterranean space.

Your family, your guests and your home value will all benefit from its classic charm!

How to Find Your Flooring

Wood flooring is timeless, so why would you consider anything else for your basement floor? After all, just because it's a substructure doesn't mean that it deserves a sub-par floor.

Whether it's hardwood or an engineered wood look, we've got a wide variety of durable and moisture resistant options in a range of classic styles, colors and textures made specifically for your basement environment.

Browse our complete catalog of traditional wood flooring designs to see which option is right for your vintage home vault with My Design Finder

With the classic appeal of traditional wood design, you can give your sub space a very unbasement-like look you'll love!