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Take a look at the Basement scenes below. You can add them to your project and continue on refining your search.

Classic & Traditional Basements

Do you love calm, orderly design with detailed traditional elements? Do you love the warmth and history that antiques and collectables can bring to a space? If so, then traditional basement design is perfect for you.

If you love the idea of having a spot to display the things you love, whether they be sports memorabilia or a collection of ceramics, a traditional design can give you that opportunity. Or, if you simply love the elegance and comfort of traditional design, it can be perfect for your basement.

Neutral walls allow rich colors in the floor, furniture and decor to stand out. And a dark, rich flooring style can be the perfect complement!

Our interior design tool will help you design the traditional basement you dream of. Whether you want a floral pattern on your sofa or have your eye on a striped one, you can get the inspiration you need.

Then, move forward to choosing the perfect flooring for your space!

Find Your Flooring

A traditional flooring style allows you to bring warmth, comfort, and elegance into your space. You can choose to make the flooring part of your focus, or simply a backdrop to the other parts of your traditional basement design.

A dark, rich wood-look flooring style can be perfect for a traditional basement. So can other rich flooring colors and types. It's just a matter of what you love!

To get started choosing your traditional flooring style, select one of the flooring materials in My Design Finder. Take a look at the colors and designs available, and see which one catches your eye.

Not quite perfect? No problem, simply come back here and try another flooring material. It's just a matter of finding the flooring style that fits your vision.

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