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Innovia Touch

Hedon Plus
Windsor Tan

Pet-Friendly Green Select Made in the USA

Can a carpet be too comfortable? Too easy to maintain? Too durable? Or come in too many colors? Of course not! So go for the max with our Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean™ Hedon Plus carpet! Discover the plush softness of its cushiony deep (.875"), silky smooth textured surface which creates a casually relaxing style that works in any space thanks to an extensive choice of 40 hues. This eco-friendly, Five Star carpet also handles even the toughest demands of your family’s active lifestyle beautifully with built-in stain, soil and odor resistance. Spills, dirt and even pet accidents clean up quick with just plain water. Yes, just plain water! Live life to the max in soft, easy care fashion today with Hedon Plus! Read More

Select Color: Windsor Tan

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