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Fashion Frenzy

Durable Easy Care Green Select Waterproof Made in the USA Pet-Friendly Soft

Discover gorgeous style that’s made to be lived in! Reimagine any space with the mesmerizing design of our waterproof, pet proof, and kid proof Fashion Frenzy patterned loop-cut-loop carpet. Available in your choice of 16 striking hues, eco-friendly Fashion Frenzy will amp up the appeal of any room. Plus, it delivers premier, long-term resistance against spills, pet accidents, stains, soil, wear, and more. Explore all the remarkable possibilities of Fashion Frenzy for your home today! ts popular look in your choice of multiple hues, eco-friendly Fashion Frenzy creates a perfect mood for relaxed enjoyment while preventing damage to the carpet pad and/or subfloor. Explore all the incredible possibilities of Fashion Frenzy for home today! Read More

Select Color: Shallows

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