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Installing Laminate Floors


Laminate flooring offers value pricing that includes durability and good looks. Laminate is available in styles that mimic natural materials such as wood grain or stone, as well as styles with a variety of colors and geometric patterns. If you’re looking to install laminate flooring in your home, find a local flooring store with experts and installers that help you get the right laminate flooring for your specific needs.


Making your best laminate choice

Step 1 – Making your Best Laminate Flooring Choice

Laminate flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas and active families. We offer many options of laminate flooring brands to help you choose the best flooring for your home. Four layers make up laminate flooring: wear, design, core and back. The back layer provides stability to the flooring, protecting against moisture and keeps the floor even and balanced. The core layer is a high-density board that helps prevents indentations. The design layer is where the art of the laminate lives, providing a look that appears organic or artistic, depending on what you choose. The wear layer is the top layer that protects everything underneath from stains, burns and fading.

Getting rid of existing floor

Step 2 – Getting Rid of Any Existing Flooring and Obstacles

The room must be clear for the installation of your laminate flooring. The removal of the original flooring will create a lot of trash. Hiring our expert installers means that once you’ve chosen your laminate flooring, your work is done. We will take out your toilet or appliances and dispose of the trash with no worry from you.

Preparing the subfloor

Step 3 – Checking and preparing the sub-floor

Concrete sub-floors become problematic over time. Uneven sub-flooring leads to uneven laminate flooring. Attempts to level sub-flooring may lead to structural problems that can only be resolved with a structural engineer.


Installing the underlayer

Step 4 – Installing an Underlayer

Installing an underlayer over the sub-floor is useful. It allows the installer to manually sand the wood underlayer to provide an even base for your laminate installation and it protects the laminate from moisture, which will cause your laminate to buckle or warp over time. The plywood needs to acclimate to your home’s humidity and temperature before installation, it may lead to problems with your laminate down the road. Our professional installers will know how long to let the underlayer rest to allow it to function optimally.

Preparing the laminate

Step 5 – Preparing the Laminate

Just like the underlayer, laminate must be allowed to acclimate to your home. Laminate that has been stored at temperatures colder than those in your home will change shape as it warms inside. Each piece of laminate will be warmed in the home for one to two days to be sure it’s stable. Pieces that aren’t allowed to warm will expand over time to put pressure on the entirety of the floor, causing long-term problems.

Installing the laminate

Step 6 – Installing the Laminate

Modern laminate doesn’t require a hammer to place it properly; in fact, many laminates simply click together. Even though a laminate is acclimated to a living space, there will still be some expansion. To account for this, extra space is left around the edges of the room.  Our professional installers have all the expertise necessary to give your laminate flooring long life.

Each laminate purchase with installation from us at Flooring America comes with a lifetime installation warranty. If your laminate flooring has a problem years down the road related to installation, we will make your flooring right again. With more than 500 locations nationwide and our Five Star Selection System, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long lasting, durable laminate that’s perfect for your home or a commercial space.
Call us today (800) 4-FLOORS to begin taking steps toward the easy care laminate floor you’ve always wanted. Experience the easy maintenance, durability and virtually unlimited design options that laminate can offer you. Our experts are waiting to guide you to the flooring of your dreams!


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