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Living Room with a Classic Dark Brown Hardwood Stain

The Best Hardwood Stain Colors

Oct 29, 2018

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are simply giving your home a facelift, refinishing hardwood floors is a big undertaking. Choosing the correct stain color to suit your needs is important, so follow along for our best advice on choosing the best stain for hardwood floors.

What are the Best Hardwood Stain Colors for Selling a House?

If you’re staining your floors to better sell your home, we recommend choosing more classic tones like brown or a light neutral, as these are flexible to fit with various tastes and décor styles. Everyone has different tastes so it’s best to avoid trending colors when your ultimate goal is to sell.

Browns are a classic color stain that can work with various design styles and décor, while also making your home look elegant and classy. Having light hardwood floors is another top contender for increasing your selling odds. And the stain colors to avoid?; red and yellow. 

Living Room with a Dark Brown Hardwood Stain

How to Choose a Stain Color

When it comes time to choose a stain color, it will be important to consider factors such as the style of the home, or if you have a specific species of wood, as some woods stain differently than others.

If you are choosing to refinish your home for a facelift, the décor and style of your home will affect what stain color will look best. A mid-century modern home will most likely use different stain colors than what you’d find in a beach home.  

Popular Hardwood Stain Colors

While we recommend that you stick to classic stain colors if you plan on selling your home, feel free to choose a trending hardwood stain color if you’ll be the one enjoying the floors. Dark, cool tones are still at the top of the list, but there’s an uptick in brighter stains, such as grey and white-washed that are trending. If you do want a lighter stain, we recommend blonde, as this color has the potential to stick around and turn into a classic floor color.

Living Room with a Trendy Blonde Hardwood Stain

Looking for more flooring ideas and trends? To get inspiration on the perfect floor for you, visit our room design tool, My Design Finder today!

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Trending fall colors incorporated in a living room

Decorate Your Home with Autumn 2018 Colors

Oct 22, 2018

With every fall and winter, we typically see an increase in warm colors in our homes. The season’s colors always put us in the mood for all things fall; foliage, pumpkins, fires, and cozy nights, but this year we’ll see a few fun colors grab our attention as well.

Interior Decorating Trends & Ideas for Fall 2018

Greens are going to be a popular color in homes this autumn, as homeowners will look to bring the beautiful colors of nature into their décor. Shades such as olive, sage, and forest will be favorites.

Burnt orange and dark red are also two very prominent colors that we’ll see this autumn. Dark orange is a great color to pair with other nature-inspired neutrals, while red is great if you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home.

Rich fall tones in bedroom

Soft yellow will also be making its way into homes as it combats the normal rich tones of fall by adding a splash of upbeat fun to your space. Following on the brighter color train is bold cobalt blue, a summer color that we’ll see sticking around, thanks to the elegant and royal feeling it embodies.

Autumn color schemes in modern bedroom

How to Include Fall Color Schemes in Your Home

Since some of these trending colors might be too bold for your walls, they all work great when used as accent colors. Pillows and blankets are easy pieces that can be swapped out with each changing season. Bring one of these colors into your space with a velvet accent chair, but don’t forget that window treatments, rugs, linens, and dishware are all great sources for these hot autumn colors.

Modern Fall Color Scheme in living room

To find out your personal fall style visit our room design tool, My Design Finder, to browse trending room scenes to find your perfect interior style. 

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Modern Living Room Decor

The Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home 2018

Oct 09, 2018

When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is to lose interest from a potential buyer because of your current paint color. While paint color should not be a deciding factor to buy or not buy a home, it can lose the interest of buyers who want to purchase a home that is already in move-in ready condition, per their standards.

What Are the Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home?

Whether you have nail holes to cover up or have a bright accent wall, follow along for our recommendations on the best paint colors for selling your home.

One major recommendation that we have is to not paint your interiors white. You want your home to feel warm and inviting, and sometimes white can just feel cold, empty, and boring.

In the kitchen, light greys and blues are ideal, as they are crisp and clean neutral tones that will give your space a subtle touch of color. You want a color that can appeal to the masses, and a grey-blue will do just that. Also consider these colors, especially blue, in your bathrooms, where you want your space to feel bright. The biggest bathroom no-no is a white or off-white bathroom. In fact, the bathroom color can have the biggest impact on a house sale.

Classic Bathroom DécorLight beige will do wonders in your living room, where almost all furniture will match and pair well with the walls. Make the room pop even more with white accents, especially on the baseboards.

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

The clear winner here is blue, especially a soft, grey blue. Blue is most popular in the bathroom, but it’s a top choice for all rooms, except the living room. Instead, choose a soft brown for this space.

Neutral Interior Color Palette

Best Exterior Paint Color to Sell a House

If your exterior needs a fresh color, greige houses appear to be the best bet for you. And if your front door now seems out of place with your new exterior color, try a navy blue on your door for an all-American welcome!

Modern Exterior paint colorWhile there are other hot colors populating the design world, it’s best to let the new homeowners add these colors to the home on their own.

Check out more design inspiration in our room design tool, My Design Finder, and quickly browse thousands of room scenes to find your perfect room design style. 

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Cozy Bedroom Decorated for Fall

Interior Decorating Trends & Ideas for Fall 2018

Oct 03, 2018

Interior Decorating Trends & Ideas for Fall 2018

When you think of fall, you immediately think of bright orange pumpkins, yellow mums, cornstalk, and bales of hay decorating your front steps and lamp posts. What about your interiors? If your interiors are still in summer mode, it’s time to start thinking about swapping out your summer décor pieces, such as your bright and bold throw pillows, lightweight blankets, and bright accent pieces. If possible, bright colors should be replaced with warm, rich shades.

Follow along for our favorite fall home décor ideas that you can incorporate into your interiors this season.

Top Fall Decoration Trends

Velvet is one of our favorite fall home trends to incorporate into your home. Whether it’s a navy blue velvet accent chair in your living room, or burgundy and rust orange velvet throw pillows, velvet is a fabulous way to add warmth to your home this season.

Fall Colors Incorporated in Living Room

Adding texture and layers is another décor trend that we love for the fall. The easiest way to do this is by incorporating chunky, knit, or cashmere throw blankets into your living room and bedrooms.

A darker color palette is another top trend that we’re seeing this fall, as plum, emerald, turquoise, navy, and mustard add instant warmth and comfort to your interiors.

Living Room Incorporating Fall Trends

How to Incorporate Fall Decorations in Your Interior

Throw pillows and blankets are easy to incorporate into your home, but what about fall-themed pieces, such as pumpkins, flowers, and other nature-inspired pieces? There’s no better way to make your home feel like fall than to bring in the outdoor elements. For instance, keep a tidy stack of firewood in a rack by your fireplace, or adorn your mantle with various sized mini pumpkins or gourds. Sunflowers look beautiful on your entryway table, as does a vase filled with acorns and pinecones. 

Exterior Fall Décor

How do you decorate your home for the fall season? To get more inspiration visit our room design tool, My Design Finder, to browse trending room scenes to find your perfect design style. 

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Outdoor covered dining space with stone fireplace

Summer 2018 Home Renovation Project Ideas & Tips

Jul 13, 2018

Summer is the perfect season for home renovations, as weather is more ideal and days are longer. Rainy summer days are great for tackling small projects inside of your home, but on those stretches of beautiful days we recommend tackling your exterior projects.  If you’re looking to make improvements to your home this season, follow along for our top tips and start tackling your summer projects!

Summer Home Renovation Project Ideas & Tips

  1. Bead Boards – If you’re looking for a quick refresh in your bathroom or kitchen, consider adding beaded boards to your kitchen island or bathroom walls. Choose thin planks for an antique cottage vibe or wide planks for a farmhouse feel depending on the look that you’re going for.
  2. Lighting Fixtures – Replace outdated light fixtures with a more modern look to create a powerful update that will go a long way.
  3. Paint – If you have a room that’s feeling a little stale, bring a fresh color to your walls either with paint or patterned wallpaper. This is an easy and low-cost way to give your space a fresh makeover.
  4. New Hardware – Make a room feel new with small, minor changes to the hardware in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. New knobs on cabinets and dressers can pack quite the punch and completely change your space.
  5. Add a Backsplash – Completely transform your kitchen or bathroom by adding a backsplash to your walls or shower.

Modern bathroom vanity with tiled backsplash wall

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

  1. Paint Your Front Door – To boost curb appeal or give your home an easy makeover, give your front door new life. An updated front door color can be all that your home needs to feel fresh and updated. When doing this, you can either remove the door, or paint in place.
  2. Entrance Refresh - Spruce up your front entrance with a bench, flowers, new lighting, a wreath or a welcome mat. Flowers, wreathes and the welcome mat can be changed with the seasons, always giving your guests a warm welcome that’s in line with the season.
  3. New Siding or New Door – For improved curb appeal, new siding or a new door will go a long way, especially if they are currently in a state of despair.
  4. Other Summer Ideas- Pave your driveway, build a backyard patio, clean your gutters, or pressure wash your deck or siding.

Light blue wooden front door on a stone house

Summer Home Cost-Saving Tips

  1. Keep your curtains and blinds down to keep your home cool and to prevent fading of your floors.
  2. To improve air quality, run bathroom fans before and after you shower, along with kitchen fans when cooking.
  3. Install storm doors to protect your main door from the seasonal elements.
  4. Replace old windows with new, energy efficient windows to conserve energy and to save on your electric bill

Are you ready to kick start your 2018 summer renovation project? Browse some of the hottest trends in flooring this year to keep your home looking fresh and modern!

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Traditional accents in a modern home

How to Make an Old House Look New

Jul 05, 2018

An older home allows you to enjoy the perks of historical charm and character, but it also comes with the challenge of preserving the history while simultaneously having the look and feel of the present. You can achieve a happy medium by mixing traditional with modern to create a personalized transitional style.

How to Make an Old House Look New

Mixing Modern and Traditional Interior Decorations

Before we dive into how to mix the two styles, it’s important to differentiate between the two.  Modern style is defined by clean, colorful, crisp lines. Color palettes are simple colors, with simplicity being in all aspects of the design. The design is sleek with minimal clutter, and common materials are steel, glass and metal. Traditional style, on the other hand, boasts a rich, vintage feel, highlighted by dark wood, rich colors, textures, curved lines, and layering. Materials and textures in traditional design include velvet, silk, and finished wood.

To avoid a design disaster, it’s important that you choose one style to be more dominant in your room’s design. This means that the main style will be found in your major furnishings, while the secondary style will be incorporated into your space through the use of smaller accent pieces. Pick a style to ground the room and let your accessories highlight the secondary theme.

It will also be important to choose similar pieces or looks from both styles to create a cohesive and harmonious look. For instance, select similar colors, shapes, and textures from both modern and traditional style to tie your room together.

Or, take a traditional piece of furniture and paint it modern white, or reupholster the fabric on a traditional chair with a more modern fabric to blend the two styles inconspicuously. Blending the two styles will create a timeless design that will last years beyond your design makeover.

Modern home design ideas mixed with traditional elements

Interior Design Tips on Decorating an Old Home

Thanks to built-in bookshelves, wide-plank pine floors, architectural detail, craftsman doors, and intricately designed hardware, historic homes are a dream for many homeowners. When an older home boasts such charm, it’s important to preserve that history throughout your design.

If your home has stained glass, highlight this feature by keeping your walls a crisp white. An older home will most likely be more traditional in its architecture, so try incorporating crisp clean lines and simple colors for a modern twist.

Traditional accents in a modern home

Challenges to Keep in Mind When Decorating an Older Home

The character and architecture of an older home is a great perk, but those same features can create quite the challenge when it comes to decorating or renovating in general. Some challenges might seem minor, such as imperfections in the walls, while others can be more intensive, such as outdated or painted shut windows, uneven floors, or a kitchen that’s stuck in the past.

If your walls, ceiling, or trim have imperfections, try painting these surfaces one color, such as white. By doing so, you will hide such flaws while simultaneously highlighting the beautiful crown molding and trim in the process.

For a flooring refresh, replace any outdated carpet with more innovative flooring, or have the current hardwood floors refinished to give a fresh spin on the home’s history.

Room with both modern and traditional decor

For more design ideas, visit our Design Trends and Inspiration category on our blog.

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