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Bedroom with a living Coral comforter

Using the Pantone Color of the Year in Home Decor

Mar 11, 2019

A new year brings a new you, and an exciting new color trend. Design company Pantone recently announced “Living Coral” as its 2019 Color of the Year, a title the company has given out annually since 2000. According to Pantone’s official website, the vibrant pink hue was chosen for its “engaging nature,” “lively presence,” and ability to “provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”

How to Include the Pantone Color of the Year in Your Home Decor 

Balancing energy and excitement with warmth and sophistication, this “energizing,” marine-themed color has us thinking (peachy) pink for 2019. If you’re ready to ring in the New Year with a style overhaul, keep reading for simple tips on incorporating Pantone Living Coral into your home decor.

Use Coral Accents for Dashes of Color

Color giant Pantone is a global tastemaker when it comes to fashion, design, and home decorating. That means the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 influences all sorts of popular consumer brands and products, from fabric and upholstery to footwear and furniture. That makes it easy to incorporate splashes of coral or an orange-toned pink in any room of your home, giving your space color without feeling over-saturated. Simply choose a handful of pink accessories, and space them strategically throughout your home.

Need help thinking of ways to use coral accents? Some suggestions include accent rugs, end tables, decorative vases, paintings, flowers, or pillows. If working with a bathroom, you could experiment with incorporating soaps, hand towels, or shower curtains in this invigorating hue.

 Room with a living coral accent piece

Pair Living Coral with Complementary or Analogous Colors

Every color corresponds with a “complementary,” or opposite, color. For example, if you were to look at a color wheel, you would see that red and green lie opposite each other, making them complementary colors.

If you kept looking at the wheel, you would also notice that red sits between orange and purple, while green sits between yellow and blue. When colors are next to each other on a color wheel, they are called “analogous” colors.

Similar to salmon, Living Coral is a deep pink that blends pastel notes with an electric quality.

To find a design scheme you love, try mixing and matching deep pink paint schemes or accents with complementary colors (like light green) or analogous colors (like magenta).

 Living room with living coral carpet and complimentary colored accents

Keep the Nautical Theme Going Throughout Home Decor

Coral isn’t just a color; it’s a physical object with form, texture, and shape. Keep the marine motif by “branching” out with decorative coral, which lends a whimsical yet sophisticated accent to any countertop, coffee table, or display case. Depending on the item’s size and seller, decorative coral pieces can cost as little as around $20.

If you’d prefer to avoid using real coral, you can make a handcrafted DIY version instead. There are countless online tutorials, which use materials like spray paint and paper maché pulp. (As an added bonus, not only does crafting save you money — it also doubles as a fun, creative way to spend an afternoon with the kids!)

You can also experiment with other beachy touches, such as nautical decor that incorporates shells, anchors, or rope. Our flooring experts can help you create a coastal beach house style to give your entire home that fresh, breezy feel.

Experiment with Color and Lighting

Whoever said that 2019 color trends for your home had to be confined to paint schemes or decorations? Lighting is just as important when it comes to creating an atmosphere.

Keep that in mind when you approach your next home redecorating or remodeling project. For example, soft pink lamp shades can lend a soothing color tone to your bathroom or bedroom, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Pink lights, such as Christmas lights or porch lights, can look especially elegant when combined with white or gold, ideal for parties and entertaining. (Just be careful to avoid any safety hazards!)

Give New Life to Old Products with a Splash of Living Coral

Pantone’s website referred to the “glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea” that coral creates in our oceans today. Pantone also pointed out that our environment is “continually shifting.”

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, many consumers want to make eco-friendly design choices, but don’t always know where to get started. Repurposing old decorations or pieces of furniture can be a chic and cost-efficient way to spruce up your space with new looks for less. A fresh pink coat of paint could transform that unwanted old chair or dresser into your favorite new centerpiece.

Looking for inspiration? Then check out some of Pantone’s previous Color of the Year winners, which include Ultra Violet (2018), Greenery (2017), Rose Quartz (2016), Serenity (2015), and Marsala (2014).

Let Flooring America Help You Find the Right Style for Your Home

We hope these tips have given you some helpful insights into decorating colors for 2019 and ways to bring them into your space successfully. At Flooring America, our friendly experts go above and beyond to help your family find just the right “look,” whether it’s for your bathroom, your bedroom, your kitchen, or all of the above.

Our online My Design Finder tool makes it fast, free, and easy to browse styles from the comfort of your living room — or, let us help you in person at one of our conveniently located stores. Contact us online, or call Flooring America at (877) 297-8428 to get started today.

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living room with bold colors

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2019

Feb 26, 2019

The New Year is still young, which means that enthusiasm is running high. New ideas, new inspiration, and new projects are at the top of our minds. We love the energy at this time of the year, when anything seems possible. The freshness of the New Year coupled with tax return season just around the corner makes this the perfect time to start considering a home makeover.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

Whether it’s one well-loved room or the whole house, sprucing up your space is a fantastic way to keep that fresh energy and excitement going well into the months ahead. While some home renovation projects will always be grounded in classic styles, keeping an eye on the latest home design trends for 2019 can offer a burst of inspiration as you consider your options. We’ve scoured the big design blogs, magazines, and social media influencers to see what’s rising to the top in 2019. Here’s what we found:

Bold, Saturated Color

It’s time to go bold or go home! The sedate, blush-meets-bashful Millennial Pink and the ubiquitous tones of play-it-safe grey are on the way out. The year 2019 is hungry for color and interior designers are delivering. Jewel tones are popping up everywhere, from the usual subjects (upholstery, linens, and accent walls) to more unusual applications (vibrant red kitchen cupboards, or a brilliant teal entrance hall).

Layering intense colors in the same space offers a spectacular impact, with paint, furniture, and accessories all working together to offer a sense of depth and drama. Overall, the effect is sensual and luxurious.

Where neutrals are called for, keep that same philosophy of richness and high-contrast color saturation in mind. Unless you’re choosing stark white as your backdrop, the top 2019 neutrals will be all about warmth and vibrancy. Banish those cool tones and cozy up to a world of taupes, tans, and warm, well-heeled browns. Feel free to mix and match them with jewel tones to create a rich color scheme bursting with bold hues!

Move Over, Living Coral! Here Comes “Night Watch Green”!

Alright- Pantone dubbed an in-your-face pinky-orange as the 2019 color of the year -- and who are we to argue with the color experts? However, we feel that while “Living Coral” can add some life and excitement to your interior design, it is best used as an accent and in small doses.

For a truly livable, loveable color, our money is on Night Watch Green. Global paint giant PPG crowned this color the king of the 2019 decorating trends -- and we can see why. This deep, sophisticated green brings the outdoors inside. Designed to evoke the healing and restorative powers of nature, Night Watch is the visual equivalent of a slow, deep breath. Visually, it’s a cross between a deep jungle green and teal.

Paint a statement wall, upholster a chair, or pick out some gorgeous glossy ceramic tiles: you can’t go wrong with this shade in any material. It also marries beautifully with several other top interior design trends this year, from eco-inspired to Art Deco.

Living room with walls painted “night green”   

Natural Elements

Real-world textures are winning out against the sleek, tech-inspired favorites of the last few years. People are craving serenity and looking for connections to the earth, instead of the internet. The theme of home as a retreat from the crazy complexities and stresses of the modern world is one of the biggest underlying home interior trends of 2019. As a result, the use of natural materials is its most logical expression.

Anything earthy, authentic, and genuine is in. Look for stone tiles, hardwood floors and furniture, bamboo floor and wall coverings. Weighty granite and textured concrete are still relevant. Textiles are also grounded in nature with wool, hemp, jute, linens, and leathers earning their place throughout the home in upholstery, curtains, and hangings. To bring authenticity to this trend, sustainable sourced and eco-friendly options are particularly sought after.

Living room utilizing natural elements and textures

Warm Metals

The quest for warmth and richness continues in the metal finishes, fixtures, and features throughout the home. Last year saw the meteoric rise of rose gold, but in 2019 the palette has expanded, throwing open the doors to a whole world of sunny metals.

Glowing yellow gold, brass, and copper are here to join the party. It’s also right on trend to mix these metals: no need to be matchy-matchy with faucets and drawer pulls.

And the craze for rich metallics doesn’t stop with hardware: gold patina furniture and coppery velvet upholstery are another luxe interpretation of the trend. (The micro-trend of bar carts is another particularly fun way to work this one into your interiors.)

Kitchen design utilizing mixed metals with lighting fixtures and furniture 

Art Deco

As the swing from stringent minimalism to carefully-curated mindful maximalism continues, the strict mid-century modern trend is softening into an appreciation for the complex geometrics and curliqued elegance of the Art Deco era. It’s glamorous. It’s opulent. It’s clever and playful.

This year’s Art Deco influence will be particularly apparent in furniture (where curves and fans are taking over) and lighting (rampant with brass and frosted glass). It will also pop up in accessories, tiling, and wallpapers. As we head into our own version of the Roaring ‘20s, the elegance of the Jazz Age will be revisited in our homes. It’s about time.

Living room inspired by Art Deco


Retro-fabulous in every way, the Terrazzo home decor trend will take over in 2019. Originally, Terrazzo was an Italian material invented more than 500 years ago as a way to use up marble chippings that would otherwise go to waste. Over time, it evolved and found its way into mid-century design as the no-nonsense option for institutional or commercial floor covering. Terrazzo's last peak of popularity was in the 1970s and ‘80s.

With recycled glass and stone chippings suspended in resin or polished cement, Terrazzo was prized for being all-but-indestructible and affordable. These days, it’s making a splash as a more exciting alternative to concrete for flooring and bathrooms.

Available in everything from quiet neutrals to wild confetti, Terrazzo is versatile and a blast to work with. It fits the eco-friendly bill and perfectly occupies the niche of the artisan-but-sophisticated surfaces everyone is looking for this year. It also makes a mean tabletop.

For a less literal take, you can add a touch of Terrazzo-inflected design in prints throughout the house: wallpaper, pillow covers, carpets, even shower curtains, or pick up the trend in carpets and ceramic inspired by its abstract designs.

Remember, no matter what’s in or out this year, true style comes from choosing what you really love. You’re not at the mercy of every passing fad, but when you can find the intersection of your own taste and a hot new trend, you’ve hit the sweet spot. Get some inspiration for incorporating new trends into any room in your home. Use My Design Finder to generate some on-trend ideas.

Whatever your plans for your house in 2019, we wish you a warm and happy home filled with laughter, beauty, and all the things that make you smile.

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5 Easy Weekend Home Renovation Projects

Jan 29, 2019

While we all dream of the day when our home feels complete — when we’ve hammered that last nail, painted that last wall — the reality is that home renovation isn’t so much a journey with an endpoint as a hamster wheel that keeps on going. It never really ends -- and that’s OK.

That also means that it’s fine to take the renovations one easy-breezy step at a time.

Here, find five low-key, easy home renovation projects that adds up to a more enjoyable home, or, at least, a cleaner closet or more ambient kitchen.

1. One-wall makeovers

Accent walls can shift the tone of a room completely, making them one of the most satisfying time-to-reward-ratio weekend renovations. Painting is straightforward—potentially relaxing and a fun weekend home improvement project idea for the family—and derives most of its stress from tedious taping and moving furniture.

The possibilities for simple wall switch-ups don’t just stop at paint! Shop around for wallpaper to really make that feature wall prominent. For a wallpapering project, the bulk of your time will be spent preparing the wall, depending on the material you’re working with and how much cleaning of the wall is required. With modern tools, wallpaper may not even need to be pasted—just cut with a straightedge, soak the paper in a tray of lukewarm water, and begin the adhering process. By Sunday night the whole thing will be dried and ready for enjoyment.

For an even faster wall-renovation project, opt for contact paper instead of wallpaper. You may need to enlist the aid of a friend, family member, or even the kids to help keep the contact paper straight and have an even application. However, contact paper can be more easily removed than wallpaper in case you decide to switch up your decor a few years -- or even a few months -- down the line!

Accent Wall that is Newly Renovated

2. Installing under-cabinet light fixtures

Under-cabinet lights have become modern kitchen standards. Unfortunately, many homes don’t come with these fixtures pre-installed, making this a project to add to the list. It’s well worth the effort being an easy home improvement that adds value to your home.

These lights, tucked just beneath top cabinets and powered either through a standard outlet, battery, or hardwiring, add not only the practicality of illuminating countertops at night without beaming bright lights into your eyes, but envelop the space in a warm glow.

The whole process can take an entire weekend if you opt to hardwire your lights, and you’ll certainly want to consult with an electrician in that case to ensure your plan is sound. But for plug-in and battery-operated lights, the most difficult part of the installation should be making measurements for spacing out puck lights and determining where among your cabinets to hide wires. Rope and tape lights, meanwhile, are even simpler, often just using adhesive or discreet plastic mounts.

Easy to Install Cabinet Lighting

3. Closet reorganization

As sprawling as your closet may seem at the time you moved into your home, once sweaters, shoes, and suits take up residence, the whole closet space starts to look small. Clever closet hacks are a way to make the most of the space and give you even more room without expansion.

Fortunately, most closets are equipped with enough free space to expand storage with simple supports and shelving.  While building extra closest storage seems more practical than fun, you can always try adding a pop of color to your closet area and storage with a coat of paint.

For a more rustic look, and in larger walk-ins, try purchasing floating steel rods for floating shelves. In an afternoon, you can easily activate dead space into storage space, using equipment as basic as a drill, nails, a saw, and some paint or varnish of your choice. The end result; a quick, budget friendly home improvement, will look and feel several times more premium than any plain set of plastic shelves.


4. Entrance and front door upgrade

Homes are full of statement pieces, but none carry quite as much weight as the front door, which is essentially the first impression of any space. Changing the look as your taste starts to change, or the flow of entrance-to-living-space needs a refresh, is delightfully simple and brimming with options. There is the obvious starting point, the main attraction: the door, which can be repainted in an afternoon, cleared of its rust spots or adorned with a new knocker and hardware.

But touch-ups along the periphery can be just as important and offer options if overhauling a door feels like a chore. Chipped railing can be repainted, the squeak in the screen or storm door can be fixed, a walkway can be peppered with new flowers and re-mulched, or porch plants can be repotted. You could even just dress up your mailbox—all of which work in tandem to up a home’s curb appeal.

Newly Refurbished Front Door

5. A change of faucet

Considering items in your home that get the most use, the kitchen and bathroom faucets are probably one of them. When you’re tired of looking at the same design while washing your millionth dish or brushing your teeth; swapping it out for something more appealing is a relatively simple fix.

Changing your faucet is as simple as shutting off hot-cold valves, using a wrench to change water lines, removing the old one—while also cleaning any residue—and then connecting and using putty to adhere your new, beautiful faucet that reflects your current tastes.

It’s one of the easiest plumbing jobs that won’t require a plumber or more than a couple hours of your time. It can also be a low-budget home improvement based on your aesthetic tastes.

Newly Replaced Faucet Fixtures

Certainly, much like there are renovation mistakes to avoid when doing the big overhauls like flooring installation, even simple renovations have room for error. Remember to pace your projects and plan accordingly.

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Living Room with a Classic Dark Brown Hardwood Stain

The Best Hardwood Stain Colors

Oct 29, 2018

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are simply giving your home a facelift, refinishing hardwood floors is a big undertaking. Choosing the correct stain color to suit your needs is important, so follow along for our best advice on choosing the best stain for hardwood floors.

What are the Best Hardwood Stain Colors for Selling a House?

If you’re staining your floors to better sell your home, we recommend choosing more classic tones like brown or a light neutral, as these are flexible to fit with various tastes and décor styles. Everyone has different tastes so it’s best to avoid trending colors when your ultimate goal is to sell.

Browns are a classic color stain that can work with various design styles and décor, while also making your home look elegant and classy. Having light hardwood floors is another top contender for increasing your selling odds. And the stain colors to avoid?; red and yellow. 

Living Room with a Dark Brown Hardwood Stain

How to Choose a Stain Color

When it comes time to choose a stain color, it will be important to consider factors such as the style of the home, or if you have a specific species of wood, as some woods stain differently than others.

If you are choosing to refinish your home for a facelift, the décor and style of your home will affect what stain color will look best. A mid-century modern home will most likely use different stain colors than what you’d find in a beach home.  

Popular Hardwood Stain Colors

While we recommend that you stick to classic stain colors if you plan on selling your home, feel free to choose a trending hardwood stain color if you’ll be the one enjoying the floors. Dark, cool tones are still at the top of the list, but there’s an uptick in brighter stains, such as grey and white-washed that are trending. If you do want a lighter stain, we recommend blonde, as this color has the potential to stick around and turn into a classic floor color.

Living Room with a Trendy Blonde Hardwood Stain

Looking for more flooring ideas and trends? To get inspiration on the perfect floor for you, visit our room design tool, My Design Finder today!

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Trending fall colors incorporated in a living room

Decorate Your Home with Autumn 2018 Colors

Oct 22, 2018

With every fall and winter, we typically see an increase in warm colors in our homes. The season’s colors always put us in the mood for all things fall; foliage, pumpkins, fires, and cozy nights, but this year we’ll see a few fun colors grab our attention as well.

Interior Decorating Trends & Ideas for Fall 2018

Greens are going to be a popular color in homes this autumn, as homeowners will look to bring the beautiful colors of nature into their décor. Shades such as olive, sage, and forest will be favorites.

Burnt orange and dark red are also two very prominent colors that we’ll see this autumn. Dark orange is a great color to pair with other nature-inspired neutrals, while red is great if you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home.

Rich fall tones in bedroom

Soft yellow will also be making its way into homes as it combats the normal rich tones of fall by adding a splash of upbeat fun to your space. Following on the brighter color train is bold cobalt blue, a summer color that we’ll see sticking around, thanks to the elegant and royal feeling it embodies.

Autumn color schemes in modern bedroom

How to Include Fall Color Schemes in Your Home

Since some of these trending colors might be too bold for your walls, they all work great when used as accent colors. Pillows and blankets are easy pieces that can be swapped out with each changing season. Bring one of these colors into your space with a velvet accent chair, but don’t forget that window treatments, rugs, linens, and dishware are all great sources for these hot autumn colors.

Modern Fall Color Scheme in living room

To find out your personal fall style visit our room design tool, My Design Finder, to browse trending room scenes to find your perfect interior style. 

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Modern Living Room Decor

The Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home 2018

Oct 09, 2018

When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is to lose interest from a potential buyer because of your current paint color. While paint color should not be a deciding factor to buy or not buy a home, it can lose the interest of buyers who want to purchase a home that is already in move-in ready condition, per their standards.

What Are the Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home?

Whether you have nail holes to cover up or have a bright accent wall, follow along for our recommendations on the best paint colors for selling your home.

One major recommendation that we have is to not paint your interiors white. You want your home to feel warm and inviting, and sometimes white can just feel cold, empty, and boring.

In the kitchen, light greys and blues are ideal, as they are crisp and clean neutral tones that will give your space a subtle touch of color. You want a color that can appeal to the masses, and a grey-blue will do just that. Also consider these colors, especially blue, in your bathrooms, where you want your space to feel bright. The biggest bathroom no-no is a white or off-white bathroom. In fact, the bathroom color can have the biggest impact on a house sale.

Classic Bathroom DécorLight beige will do wonders in your living room, where almost all furniture will match and pair well with the walls. Make the room pop even more with white accents, especially on the baseboards.

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

The clear winner here is blue, especially a soft, grey blue. Blue is most popular in the bathroom, but it’s a top choice for all rooms, except the living room. Instead, choose a soft brown for this space.

Neutral Interior Color Palette

Best Exterior Paint Color to Sell a House

If your exterior needs a fresh color, greige houses appear to be the best bet for you. And if your front door now seems out of place with your new exterior color, try a navy blue on your door for an all-American welcome!

Modern Exterior paint colorWhile there are other hot colors populating the design world, it’s best to let the new homeowners add these colors to the home on their own.

Check out more design inspiration in our room design tool, My Design Finder, and quickly browse thousands of room scenes to find your perfect room design style. 

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