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Within the state of Alabama youll find the rocket capital of the world. Although most people know little about Alabama, it's within this southern state where the first rockets were designed and manufactured that launched astronauts to the moon in the city of Huntsville. It's also known as the place where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus in Montgomery, AL, launching a nationwide civil rights movement across the United States. 

Although the state of Alabama has plenty of places for visitors and tourist attractions, residents of Alabama endure the harsh summers that bring humidity and dry heat into the state. The humidity moistens flooring causing it to crack, mold to grow, and tile and carpets become dull and worn. The experts at Flooring America can help any Alabama resident fix up their home and remove old carpet and tile that makes a home look boring and dull. 

Shop the Catalog of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood designs are easy to come by, but Flooring America has the best prices and guarantees on all brands of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors become moldy, cracked, and scratched from high traffic and misuse. Replace old hardwood floors with Flooring America flooring stores in Alabama. Their professional customer service representatives will help you choose from a variety of handpicked, natural looking hardwood floor materials that create a beautiful Alabama home. 

Hardwood floors from Flooring America come in several styles all unique in looks, gloss, wood thickness and most of all style. Choose from width designs for your new hardwood floor including plank design, strip flooring, or parquet flooring. These all have a variety of specific wood width and thickness that add to the design of your Alabama floor home. The hardwood floors in Alabama Flooring America flooring stores provide you with a guarantee that will keep the wood from bowing or shrinking during hot, humid months or cold, freezing weather. 

When choosing a hardwood flooring store in Alabama, it is important to note the options in wood species and even gloss levels. Wood species come in a variety of choices. Color and wood grain are important when styling an Alabama home. Wood species include cherry, hickory, walnut, maple or pecan and even several varieties of exotic species can be installed in your Alabama home. Even gloss variations need to be outlined when you specify the hardwood flooring in Alabama homes. Gloss levels come in high gloss shine or low gloss for a warm, natural look in any Alabama home room. 

Lastly, bevel techniques are also an option for any room. Even the slightest difference with a bevel choice will change the look of the flooring in Alabama home rooms. Choose from a standard, full bevel, a very small micro bevel, or just a flat square trim for simple designs. All of these choices can be mixed and matched to add value to your Alabama home flooring. 

Flooring America floor stores have a variety to choose from, and their customer service representative floor specialist can help you decide which options are right for you. 

Replace Old, Musty Carpets

Carpeting is the first to dull in high traffic area rooms in Alabama homes. The high amounts of humidity and heat that the harsh summer elements bring can wreak havoc on carpeting. Luckily, Flooring America has some of the best, brightest, and luxurious brands of carpeting on the market for you to choose from to install in your Alabama home. 

When choosing your carpet flooring in Alabama home rooms, it's important to know the choices and which style and colors work best for your home. Flooring America has several colors, cushion levels, and insulating options available for your Alabama home. Brand names also provide the best luxury and performance especially when replacing carpets in high traffic rooms. Extra padding and cushioning may be important for rooms where the television is placed to allow kids and adults to sit on the floor comfortably while playing. 

For ultra performance, Flooring America offers some of the best stain resistance options for your Alabama home. Stain resistance will help keep the shine and brightness of colored carpets from dulling from spills and stains. Provide the best resistance from kids playing and animals running on the carpet. 

Whatever your choice in flooring, whether it is hardwood, tiling, or carpet flooring, Flooring America carpet stores have the best variety of all options including some of the most popular brands at the most affordable prices. To get started, contact us or stop by a local flooring store in Alabama to browse their catalog collection of great flooring products for your Alabama home. You are sure to be satisfied with their sixty day guarantee and their expert, quality customer service installation staff.


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